Yoonyoung Kim (김윤영, 金侖映)

I started learning Go when I was 5 years old and became a pro in 2007. In 2010 I won the female Kisei cup along with a Gold medal from 2010 Asian game in Guangzhou and was promoted to 3 Dan. In 2014 I was top 32 in Samsung Cup and promoted to 4dan. In 2017 I won Huang Longshi cup with the Female team. I qualified to a lot of international tournaments as a representative for Korea. I also studied in the Korean national team 2014-2017 February.
In 2019 I was promoted to 8dan by KBA

I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. But I have been living in Montreal, Canada since 2017.

Becoming pro (Korean Baduk Association)


2nd place in Women Kisei  vs Rui Naiwei

Semi final in the 14th Women kuksu cup


Join Myungji University (Baduk department)

Representative from Korea for Korea Genseng international tournament.  Korean team won

Best of 24 GS Caltex cup


1st place in Women Kisei vs Jiyun Park , win against Rui Naiwei in round of 8. (Become 2P)

Winning the Gold medal from 2010 Asian game in Guangzhou (Female team). (Become 3P)

Bronze Medal from 2010 Asian game in Guangzhou (Pair Go with Choi Chulhan 9P)


2nd place in the 16th Women Kuksu cup (vs Rui Naiwei) 


GG Auction cup 4 wins in a row (Female team won)

Representative of Xiaoshan cup international tournament


Joining many European Go events

Polish Go camp, Barcelona Seminar,  Cologne tournament


Samsung Cup best of 32

Become 4P

Join Korean National team

Graduated Myoungji university.


Beat Fan Yunruo (Top 10 in China)


Korean Women baduk league 1st board (5 wins, 6 losses)

KBS cup best of 24 

Joining Kido cup (Hamburg), Czech Go camp, Seattle Go seminar. 


Korean Women baduk league 2nd board (9 wins 5 losses)

Bailing cup international tournament best of 64


Korean Women baduk league 2nd board (10 wins 4 losses)

Won Huang Longshi cup with the Female team

Invited Chinese Women baduk league (5 wins 2 losses)

2017, June

Moved to Montreal, Canada


Promoted to 8P (Special promotion for teaching Go abroad)

Still Korean Women rank top 7th . September  


Joining many Go events in America.

February , 2020. Keep rank 7th out of 71 women pros in Korea. 


Back to Korea for 1 year

Joining some tournaments ,  back to the rank as 6th.